Angry at the world? Angry at God?

10/07/2013 13:16

If someone tell's you that its wrong to be angry ask them if they can switch off such emotions. And then pray for them because they are clearly a psychopath and incapable of understanding emotional concepts.


  Please read the whole book of Ruth. It's all of about 4 pages I'm sure it'll take you all day. lol.


  There is a myth, flying around all of Christendom that to be angry is to somehow be in sin. Like anger in itself is an emotion that will drag us, often biting, punching kicking and screaming into hell. I have one word for this attitude. BULL! 


  Did Jesus ever get angry. You'd better believe he did. He got so angry with the greedy money lenders and those selling sacrificial animals at the temple for upwards of five times their value, that Jesus overturned tables and made a whip out of rope to beat the people and animals out of his Father's house. Did he ever sin? No. So to be angry is not sinful. What we do with this emotion however, can be.


  We are later told that in our anger we are not to fall into sin. Ah, now that's interesting. We have nearly all lost someone, we have nearly all had something taken from us. We are all suffering every single day angry in our circumstances. I'm angry that we have to live in this way. I'm angry that it's been 2000 years now and Jesus has not yet come back. I'm angry that the snakes have taken the throne room in the UK and that my country is heading into a future of outrage, disgrace and disaster described in Deuternomy 28, because there are no wise people working for the government. I'm angry that the same government presumes to write laws and enact them that remove established civil, family and societal liberties upon which the UK was founded. If somehow I could, I'd be tempted to burn this whole world to ashes. But I can't, and I wouldn't. This way in my anger I am not in sin.


  We are also told not to let the sun set on our anger but to approach the transgressor and dialogue with them in order to put it to bed before you put yourself there.


  I'm angry at God. God bears all of these frustrations of mine. Through my pride, my reasoning and my bitternes. Thanks in full to the grace of the Holy Spirit I am still able to glorify the Father even through all of this. We are to bring glory to the Lord. That is the meaning of life in a nut shell. So how do you glorify God when your children are kidnapped from you, or your father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer or your sister was raped and is now begging you to sit and help her to pick up the peices, or your car gets stolen, or you husband beats you daily, or your children have gotten involved with organised crime, or your government allows your boss to sack you because you wear a cross to work, or you are being sued because you hold Christian values which now conflict with those of Brussels in the EU or your own government locally. How do you glorify the Father through any or perhaps even all of that and more? 


  "Jesus is enough." 


  It's a barely audible whisper at the beginning. We don't even know where the thought came from but it was there and it gets slightly louder.


  "Jesus is enough."


  "No he's not!" You cry in your suffering, through the tears of your rage and indignation. If he was here right now THEN Jesus would be enough. If I could physically touch him I would be able to discuss this further and explain how he has transgressed against me. (please hear the inference of pride in that last sentence. It is impossible for God to transgress or to do wrong) Then I wouldn't have to feel so alone in this sick little world of nearly 7 Billion people. Out of all those people I probably know about 130 well enough to call them by their name and only about 10 I'd share any idea of my feelings with and about 2 I'd tell my problems and even then I wouldn't tell them everything. "How can Jesus be enough!" You shout. "God is soverign over everything, why did he allow this sick world to cause me such harm? How can I suffer so much pain when God is so Good?" 

 Naomi, struggled with these very emotions. Ruth was incredibly loyal, and all the Pastors and Preachers focus on Ruth. They seem to avoid Naomi, unless it is to look down a self important and Hypocritical nose with a heart of fearful judgementalism. Naomi is incredibly, no, Brutally honest with us about our own lives and our own hearts. She can truly say that she knows what it means to suffer in this world of loss, grief and dispair. In that she shows us our own lack of humility, our pride, our self indulgent dispondency.


She lost her home, her husband, both of her son's and lived in times of famine and hardhip and then as a widow. She suffered so much that she changed her name. She no longer wanted to be called Naomi which means pleasentness. She chose the name Mara, which means Bitterness. Ruth comforted her as only a surrogate daughter could in a time when she had her whole family ripped from her life. Ruth stayed, foresaking potentially marrying a wealthy man of her own country of Moab in order to return with Mara back to Bethlehem. If you are suffering in your life in whatever kind of way I defy you to read the book of Ruth, possibly the best written book in the Bible, and not be moved by her story. Desperation is written into every word of the first 2 chapters. So was Jesus enough for them even then? BC!


  Yes. For Naomi and Ruth, Naomi losing her husband and two sons, Ruth losing her husband, they found a sweetness in each others company by the grace of God. They were able to share their anger and upset at the Lord and at there circumstances together. Their bond was as unbreakable as a loving mother and Daughter by blood. Without Ruth, Naomi (Mara) would have suffered in her singleness also. She makes the point that she was too old now to get married. It was more or less unheard of for women to work back then and would have certainly been frowned upon. If a woman was a widow or if a child was an orphan they wouldn't work so much as forage. This goes back even further to the Law of Tything. You were supposed to give 10% of all you grew (The first fruits of your harvest) To the Lord. You were to take that part which was yours, you were also to leave some for the widows and orphans to pick for themselves so that they could eat even if they had no money. The Lords early benefit system, before the Nanny state took over.


  I imagine Naomi locked in the depths of despair. We would diagnose it now as depression. I imagine her suffering so much pain that she became numb to life and could do nothing but sleep and weap or just coldly stare into space. Praise the Lord for Ruth and all people like her, who stood by her through her suffering. Not only did she loyally stay by her Mother in law, but she went out and gathered enough food for them both to survive. 


  Can you see Jesus in this? Naomi-Mara, lost everything. Yet by just a handful of grace was she able to survive. By gifting Naomi with Ruth God was able to provide for her needs as she suffered in her grief. Did she sin? Is it wrong to feel the emotions that God gives to us? Don't forget that God feels pain, and anger and wrath and love and sadness and insult and woe. God despared at having made us once. This is why Noah was called upon to build the Ark.

  We are image bearers of God. We are made fully in his likeness. When Satan told Eve that by eating the fruit from the tree she would become like God, he lied. Human beings (Apart from Jesus) Have never been so alike God as we were in the garden until she bit into that fruit. Is it wrong to feel anger and angst, torment and pain and to express those emotions? No, in fact it's healthy, if you can channel those feelings to avoid sinning in your anger.


  So can we be angry with God? The answer is yes, we all CAN. Should we be? 


  I'm going to say, no. However, if we feel hurt or upset with the state of our lives and as loving Christian children we have come to the father cup in hand and asked him to nourish us. If he says not yet or no and leaves us hurt, wondering why there is so much wrong in the world and suffering, we are very likely to become angry with God. In this state we need to be extremely careful. There is one who is adverse to Gods commands. He comes and he intercedes, not on our behalf, but on his own. He points to that rage and shows it to God. He accuses us of pride, of lust, of envy, of greed. He accuses us of hatred and enmity. He is called Satan (The accuser) If we feel angry with God there is little we can do. I'm yet to meet a person yet who can fully control their emotions. 

  Yet we are not to allow the sun to set on our Anger. In our life times we can all (If Christian) state the Jesus has always welcomed us with open loving arms. The Holy spirit Guides us and speaks to us, through the Bible, through dreams occassionally audibley and always to the Glory of the Father. It is at times of bleak hardship that we are often most inclined towards the Lord. How sad is that? That some of us only come to the father by the desperate needs we have in our hardships.

  You need to see the video I've posted on this page. It's just below. So You have had terrible times, and in your outrage are you enraged with God. You need to know something about creation. When God created the heavens and the earth he spoke them into being. When he seperated the water in the air from the the water in the sea he spoke that seperation. When land came forth and then plants and animals were created he spoke and they all formed. 

  This is why life continues on the Earth even throughout our sins. This is why we have never yet been truly, hopelessly abandoned by god, and we never will. Here is the reason that God always saves a remnant and why Jesus was sacrificed for each one of our sins so that we can live and breath and enjoy and endure to the grace of the Glory of God.

  In those six days that That he made the entire universe for the first five of them God did no manual labour. He ordered things into being and there they were. Then on Day 6 God created Adam and how did he do it? This is how much the father loves us. Out of all creation the only ones he made by hand were you and me. Fashioned of clay by the fathers Gentle touch, life lovingly breathed into our nostrils. 

  Then what did God do? He rested a day. Now God cannot grow tired and weary, he doesn't age he doesn't sleep. He has no physical form and yet ther eis some form there because we were made in HIS IMAGE! He rested not to regain enough energy to last the rest of creation. He rested in the same way that we rest when we take our children out for picnics and we set out that blanket and pull the hamper over. He enjoyed his creation and he enjoyed us, he enjoyed Adam and he enjoyed you and me. And the only ones in creation the Lord has ever done manual labour for are you and me. The only ones he suffered and died for are you and me. And he died so that you can claim the offer of salvation from your sins in the name of Jesus Christ.

  Now I'd like you to watch the video below and then ask yourself.


 Are you still angry? And are you still angry at God or are you starting to look into your own heart and see your own bitterness? Maybe you need to stop being Mara and become Naiomi once more. Naiomi was re-united with God thanks to Ruth and Boaz having a little baby boy. It was the continuation of life and the providence of the Lord and prayer which changed Naiomi back to the woman she was before yet better because she had a greater understanding of Gods love. 


  Are you still angry with God? It's time to discuss it with him. Don't let the sun go down on your anger.


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Why 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything.

09/07/2013 18:15

Douglas you cleaver boy!


  Douglas Adams, writer of "The hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy" trillogy that became something of a monster and then decided not to be a trillogy anymore, suggested that 42 was the answer to life the universe and everything. He very cleaverly ommitted the question for that answer which it turned out was 6x9= . 


  So, if you've read the front page and frankly why you people read blogs is a minor quandry of mine. Just so you know, there is this whole massive gift that God gave us called life and frankly I'm questioning whether you've even unwrapped it yet if you are reading this. But anyway, I digress. You will have noticed that I'm a Christian. So what on Earth would I be doing pointing to a bad 70's/80's sci-fi comedy and saying that there is wisdom in his choice of numbers for?


  The question. D/A knew that the answer was 42 and that it pointed to the answer of Life the Universe and everything. God has a great sense of humour. 


  How many generations are there between Abraham and Jesus? (Life, the Universe and everything) You guessed it. 42


  Matthew chapter 1 gives us the genealogy of Jesus from the father of Israel proper, Abraham to the salvation of Jesus Christ and would you believe it, the answer truly is 42! Mat 1: 17 tells us "Thus there were 14 generations in all from Abraham to David" including Lott who was part of an alcohol inspired feat of daughter induced incest, Jacob who is the Bibles true mamma's boy who didn't conjour up the courage to leave Mummy's side until he was 70. I mean even for you internet junky, stay at home, get parents to pay for your existance hacker nerds aren't that bad. You've generally at least moved out by the age of 45. Then we meet Ruth who frankly is the Bibles shining example of loyalty in woman. As she loved her Mother in law (Naomi) so much after her husband who was either called sick or dying I don't remember which it was, that she couldn't abandom her to life as a widow. Ruth stayed with her and two suffered together until Ruth met, fell in love with and was married to Boaz. There child was called Obed. He was the father of Jesse and Jesse was the Daddy of David. I love the Old Testament. It's got all of our stupidity wrapped up in a microcosm of a mini library. The Jewish Bible. 


  Anyway, back to Mat 1:17. "There were fourteen from David to the Exile to Babylon." Just so you know being exiled from your homeland in Jerusalem to Babylon is like being taken from a calm beach and then being dropped on the Vegas strip to clean up after the very many miss-adventures that occur in that city. There is even a popular phrase in that City that has been spoken around the world and is used to excuse sins of all kinds. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Babylon was kind of like that and once more the Jewish nation paid dearly for not paying attention to Deuteronomy 28: 15 onwards to the end of the chapter. Angry blog on that one to come. Basicly human beings wouldn't know how to do Loyal if it came with instructions.


  "and fourteen from exile to Christ." End of sentence and chapter. In 14 generations the Jews managed to reclaim the Holy land, rebuild the temple and then epicly fail once more by taking the Law of Moses to Nazi-esque levels of chauvinism, racism, pomp and pride. God bless em. 


  So, by my calculations and I am no John Nash... I'm more like Einstein, I was told by nearly every teacher that I have that I would fail. Not the subject but just fail in General. Well Chardon freuder has it's place it seems as I'm farely certain that some of these educating idiots weren't Christian and therefor I can testify (thanks to the Bible) That I have succeeded in the only way that effects real life. I know Jesus and am written into the book of life. Please believe me that without the Holy Spirit I'd have found a way to sleep with every woman I wanted to, I'd be perminantly drunk and probably high on some kind of substance so that I could party without remorse. 


  And so. Jesus is the meaning of Life. I know that's quite a statement. The fact is though that each of us have sinned, transgressed and fallen short of the Kingdom of God. We would not be alive today were it not for Jesus' death for all sin. That's right I said ALL sin. I don't hold a Universalist position of Jesus dying to save all of us from the effects of our sins. Many of my teachers who died are probably in Hell right now jealously considering the fact that they said I would fail in general as they suffer eternality in the hot place. The fact is, were it not for Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross there would have been no point to Noah being called to build a floating stink barge and the Earth would have been a ball of Ice with a bit of Rock at the centre floating about in the void of Space as God would have abandoned it.


  This is called Common Grace. We all have air to breathe. We all get to eat and drink. Even if it is something that's 157% Choleserole and is likely to kill you before you finish it. Thanks USA. My arteries are massively hardened due to your persitently exporting you bildge pumped diet of Fat served with a side of Salt and washed down with a can of sugar. No wonder most of the western world is suffering or will suffer with depression. But by the Grace of God are all of our needs met. We are able to live and pursue our happiness. 


  Jesus is life. Litterally. Without him we would not exist and as such we can truly agree with Douglas Adam's that 42 is the answer to the question of Life the Universe and Everything. All three of those things you will inherit upon death if you believe and trust in Christ. But not just upon death. Eternity is, after all, forever. Either that or my maths is truly letting me down today. As such, our eternal life starts today. Have you sinned against God? Pray to him. God is not the angry father who comes home drunk and beats you until you submit. He is a Father you run too with arms open wide to hug before saying, "Father, we really need to talk. I've done some pretty terrible things and I need your forgiveness." 


  Through Jesus's sacrificial death upon the Cross we are able to come to the Lord and pray that, though we are disgusting in our sins, Christ died to bear the punishment for each of them so that we are wholy blameless in his sight. There are two levels of Christian. the 144,000 and then the rest of us. The 144,000 are Jesus's elite elect. They are the big boys who frankly, I see as the 300 out of Greek history. They are Jesus' men who were perfect in life. There have been, depending upon your views, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years of human history. It's a sad fact that out of all of the men, women and children born in all that time, Jesus could only scrape up 144,000. Then there are the Multitude dressed in white. 


  If you are a Jehovah Witness PAY ATTENTION!!! Your whole religion was based upon the myth that only 144,000 would make it to the kingdom of God. Go to rev 7:9. Unless there is a truly Holy man reading this, and frankly you must be really short of people to minister to if you are reading this right now, then you and I are set free to form part of Gods Multitude in white by Jesus. We can enter into our eternal rest where we will work for the Lord which isn't going to be work at all. If you are a JW, please read your Bible and Go to church. Leave the watch Tower alone and Go to a real Church. You can tell a real Church because they believe that Jesus died for the predestined elect who choose to Follow Christ. They belive that we have a Triune God, Father, Son and Holy spirit and they don't get nasty if you need a blood transfusion to remain alive. Please escape your insanity and go to a real place of worship rather than a dispensary of Dogmatic principals and values which you couldn't even wish to attain.


  And that is why 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.  :P

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