Feeding Satan to the Masses and Hell to the Earth.


   I think we can pre-suppose that I love you. I'm a Christian, that is, a slave to Jesus Christ, or (little Christ) which was the insult used to describe us that we adopted because we were able to see the compliment rather than the insult. As a Christian I have to "speak the truth in love." "Love others as I love myself." Also to "Take up your Cross and follow me." Jesus reassures us that his "Yoke is easy and my burden is light." Believe me, compared to the alternative this 80 years of agonising torment called life is easy, and the weights which we are forced to carry are light." Especially if like me you are starting to grow white hair because of the worlds effects upon your heart. 


  Now you have no guarantee that I love you. You cannot prove it here. However we are told that we will know a persons faith by the fruits of the spirit. This is such a fruit. The most written about man in history in world literature is Jesus Christ. I should say that he is probably not so highly professed on the internet. This is my redeeming act upon the web in Christs name. I heard once that 70% of the internet was used for pornography. This was in the 90's when the net was far younger than it is today. Jesus is barely mentioned on line. Compared to the world of litterature Jesus has faced a shift in public identification and affection. He's gone from being the Son of God from the Bible who died while at war with Satan and then 3 days later rose to vanquish his foe and emerge the glorified victor. Now he is seen as the well quaffed advert for hair conditioner who dresses in white dresses, like some kind of cross dressing, cult leading, Hippie and  did I mention he glows.

  There are plenty of people who adopt just such an Image. They have perfect hair, "White suits, white teeth and a wife who looks like she just lost a paintball competition because of the amount of make up on her face." Mark Driscoll www.marshill.com I love that Guy. Also John Piper. www.desiringgod.org There are plenty of others too. In the Bible we are told to be alert to false teachers and prophets who will come in Jesus' name and are Wolves among the sheep. or Wolves in sheeps clothing. We have all heard that saying. Not everyone knows that this comes from the Bible. Matthew 7:15 tels us to "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them. Do people pick grapes from Thorn bushes? Or figs from thistles?" NIV Hodder and Stoughton. 


   So how can you tell a Thorn from a vine or a fig tree from a Thistle when it is in the Human context and the Metaphore is fully understood? I wish this was an easy question. Sadly teachers can preach and fail, they can preach false Doctrine and yet be completely unaware that they are doing so because of mistaken understanding or the wide acceptance of Heresy. For these teacher's there are many who pray for them. Many of them, when aware of such an erroneous lesson or sermon will gladly stand before thier churches and appologise for being wrong. Pride is a good example of poor leadership. Rebuking oneself for such a feeling is a great way to prune your fruit bush and ensure a fine harvest. Mark Driscoll www.marshill.com actually stood before his church and appologised to them for leading them poorly in the doctrine of humility. He did this on the Doctrine series and I cannot recommend that you watch that series enough. There is my fruit and Mark Driscolls fruit. Because of his fruit am I able to pass on the second hand smoke of Gods blessed grace by pointing you in the right direction.

  There are many wolves and they are some of the most popular pastors in the world. Joel Osteen, Mike Murdock, Rob Parsley, T, D, Jakes, Jesse Duplantis and Morris Cerullo. Then there is Joyce Meyers, Creflo dollar, E W, Kenyon, Kenneth Hagin, A.A. Allen, Oral Roberts, Robert Tilton T.L Osborne. And don't be caught in with the liberal prosperity lot like Kirbyjon Caldwell. They are no less evil for preaching heressy. Then there are other monsters out there too like Kenneth Copeland who I'm going to call the Tyrrant of Texas who actually went on air and told his viewers that God was a Loser, that he was a failure! See the Video on my previous blog about prosperity.


  Many of these Pastors have huge savings accounts which they keep as a part of their church because they can claim charity status, fly around in private Jets and have fantastic cars and homes. Just such a man is Joel Osteen. He is a liar and a fraud and this is probably why Oprah winfrey so loves the guy. Just look at her shows and ask if she would be so kind and caring if she wasn't being paid millions? He will tell you to speak your success into being. I would say pray for success and if it is the Lords will you will get it. However, if the Lord says wait, be prepared to wait upon Gods timetable. If he says no, get over it, he has far better or different or more meaningfull things planned for you. But do not EVER fall into the trap of believing that the Lord wants what you want in this world. The Lord wants you to do as the Lord wants. It's his Universe that we are scrumping in and frankly if he wants us to succeed or fail it is not up to us. I'm not saying don't work, or strive for better. I'm saying look at what you currently have and rejoice in his abundent grace to you. Do you live on the streets. I have! Rejoice, you have opportunities abounding for you to raise from the gutter. If you are as low as it get the only way is up! Have you lost someone? Mournfully rejoice that the Lord gifted you with time together that you could love them! Lost your Job? Rejoice in all things. Was it the right Job for you? Clearly not, but the Lord is a provident God and he see's and cares for all of our doings. Pray to him. Not the Moey elated Gospel of Prosperity that wants to lead you to hell and say thankyou to Satan when you get there. Pray to him for enough Grace to get through and be satisfied in his gifts. That is what the Gospel teaches. Prosperity is Heretical at best Satanic throughout and will lead you to Hell if you let it.


  We are to Glorify him in all things. We are to give him the Glory when things go beautifully, the film "Faith Like Potatoes." Is a good example of this. I won't tell you anymore due to potential spoilers but I would recommend that you watch it and just count how many times he gives thanks in miraculous times. Also count how many times he comes to Jesus first and glorifies the Lord amidst great suffering and personal Burden. If life was easy we wouldn't need self help books. If life was good at all times we wouldn't need the Bible because God would be walking with us still and Jesus would be a mysterious part of the Trinity rather than our best friend and BROTHER! 


  This is a second artical on the prosperity Gospel and I am sorry that I have had to write a second. I belive that it is such a demonic force upon the world, that we are being duped by the Satanic perversion of Gods Holy word. These pastors can go entire years without mentioning the name of Jesus Christ... unless they stub their toe and even then I'm sure they regret mentioning him. below is a video refered to me by a friend and so thanks to her fruits of the spirit am I now able to bring you some more second hand smoke ;) Be blessed x