Why 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything.

09/07/2013 18:15

Douglas you cleaver boy!


  Douglas Adams, writer of "The hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy" trillogy that became something of a monster and then decided not to be a trillogy anymore, suggested that 42 was the answer to life the universe and everything. He very cleaverly ommitted the question for that answer which it turned out was 6x9= . 


  So, if you've read the front page and frankly why you people read blogs is a minor quandry of mine. Just so you know, there is this whole massive gift that God gave us called life and frankly I'm questioning whether you've even unwrapped it yet if you are reading this. But anyway, I digress. You will have noticed that I'm a Christian. So what on Earth would I be doing pointing to a bad 70's/80's sci-fi comedy and saying that there is wisdom in his choice of numbers for?


  The question. D/A knew that the answer was 42 and that it pointed to the answer of Life the Universe and everything. God has a great sense of humour. 


  How many generations are there between Abraham and Jesus? (Life, the Universe and everything) You guessed it. 42


  Matthew chapter 1 gives us the genealogy of Jesus from the father of Israel proper, Abraham to the salvation of Jesus Christ and would you believe it, the answer truly is 42! Mat 1: 17 tells us "Thus there were 14 generations in all from Abraham to David" including Lott who was part of an alcohol inspired feat of daughter induced incest, Jacob who is the Bibles true mamma's boy who didn't conjour up the courage to leave Mummy's side until he was 70. I mean even for you internet junky, stay at home, get parents to pay for your existance hacker nerds aren't that bad. You've generally at least moved out by the age of 45. Then we meet Ruth who frankly is the Bibles shining example of loyalty in woman. As she loved her Mother in law (Naomi) so much after her husband who was either called sick or dying I don't remember which it was, that she couldn't abandom her to life as a widow. Ruth stayed with her and two suffered together until Ruth met, fell in love with and was married to Boaz. There child was called Obed. He was the father of Jesse and Jesse was the Daddy of David. I love the Old Testament. It's got all of our stupidity wrapped up in a microcosm of a mini library. The Jewish Bible. 


  Anyway, back to Mat 1:17. "There were fourteen from David to the Exile to Babylon." Just so you know being exiled from your homeland in Jerusalem to Babylon is like being taken from a calm beach and then being dropped on the Vegas strip to clean up after the very many miss-adventures that occur in that city. There is even a popular phrase in that City that has been spoken around the world and is used to excuse sins of all kinds. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Babylon was kind of like that and once more the Jewish nation paid dearly for not paying attention to Deuteronomy 28: 15 onwards to the end of the chapter. Angry blog on that one to come. Basicly human beings wouldn't know how to do Loyal if it came with instructions.


  "and fourteen from exile to Christ." End of sentence and chapter. In 14 generations the Jews managed to reclaim the Holy land, rebuild the temple and then epicly fail once more by taking the Law of Moses to Nazi-esque levels of chauvinism, racism, pomp and pride. God bless em. 


  So, by my calculations and I am no John Nash... I'm more like Einstein, I was told by nearly every teacher that I have that I would fail. Not the subject but just fail in General. Well Chardon freuder has it's place it seems as I'm farely certain that some of these educating idiots weren't Christian and therefor I can testify (thanks to the Bible) That I have succeeded in the only way that effects real life. I know Jesus and am written into the book of life. Please believe me that without the Holy Spirit I'd have found a way to sleep with every woman I wanted to, I'd be perminantly drunk and probably high on some kind of substance so that I could party without remorse. 


  And so. Jesus is the meaning of Life. I know that's quite a statement. The fact is though that each of us have sinned, transgressed and fallen short of the Kingdom of God. We would not be alive today were it not for Jesus' death for all sin. That's right I said ALL sin. I don't hold a Universalist position of Jesus dying to save all of us from the effects of our sins. Many of my teachers who died are probably in Hell right now jealously considering the fact that they said I would fail in general as they suffer eternality in the hot place. The fact is, were it not for Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross there would have been no point to Noah being called to build a floating stink barge and the Earth would have been a ball of Ice with a bit of Rock at the centre floating about in the void of Space as God would have abandoned it.


  This is called Common Grace. We all have air to breathe. We all get to eat and drink. Even if it is something that's 157% Choleserole and is likely to kill you before you finish it. Thanks USA. My arteries are massively hardened due to your persitently exporting you bildge pumped diet of Fat served with a side of Salt and washed down with a can of sugar. No wonder most of the western world is suffering or will suffer with depression. But by the Grace of God are all of our needs met. We are able to live and pursue our happiness. 


  Jesus is life. Litterally. Without him we would not exist and as such we can truly agree with Douglas Adam's that 42 is the answer to the question of Life the Universe and Everything. All three of those things you will inherit upon death if you believe and trust in Christ. But not just upon death. Eternity is, after all, forever. Either that or my maths is truly letting me down today. As such, our eternal life starts today. Have you sinned against God? Pray to him. God is not the angry father who comes home drunk and beats you until you submit. He is a Father you run too with arms open wide to hug before saying, "Father, we really need to talk. I've done some pretty terrible things and I need your forgiveness." 


  Through Jesus's sacrificial death upon the Cross we are able to come to the Lord and pray that, though we are disgusting in our sins, Christ died to bear the punishment for each of them so that we are wholy blameless in his sight. There are two levels of Christian. the 144,000 and then the rest of us. The 144,000 are Jesus's elite elect. They are the big boys who frankly, I see as the 300 out of Greek history. They are Jesus' men who were perfect in life. There have been, depending upon your views, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of years of human history. It's a sad fact that out of all of the men, women and children born in all that time, Jesus could only scrape up 144,000. Then there are the Multitude dressed in white. 


  If you are a Jehovah Witness PAY ATTENTION!!! Your whole religion was based upon the myth that only 144,000 would make it to the kingdom of God. Go to rev 7:9. Unless there is a truly Holy man reading this, and frankly you must be really short of people to minister to if you are reading this right now, then you and I are set free to form part of Gods Multitude in white by Jesus. We can enter into our eternal rest where we will work for the Lord which isn't going to be work at all. If you are a JW, please read your Bible and Go to church. Leave the watch Tower alone and Go to a real Church. You can tell a real Church because they believe that Jesus died for the predestined elect who choose to Follow Christ. They belive that we have a Triune God, Father, Son and Holy spirit and they don't get nasty if you need a blood transfusion to remain alive. Please escape your insanity and go to a real place of worship rather than a dispensary of Dogmatic principals and values which you couldn't even wish to attain.


  And that is why 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.  :P