You are a complete Freak!

Is your Mother proud of You?


  I have some interesting Questions that I'm going to pose for you which will instruct you upon how much of a freak you really are and should hopefully be able to instruct even you upon how to make adjustments to your freakyness in order to slowly come down the freakish ladder and thus be able to plateau at mildly jacked up.


 Preposition. The Author of this blog would like to inform you that he answers yes to all of these questions too.


   1) Have you ever stolen anything?

 Included in this question are pick and mix sweets that are sat on the side of the plastic case that will no doubt fall to the floor anyway. Fruit picked from a tree or bush that doesn't belong to you and slacking off at work for an hour while being paid to have a chat with a colleague about last nights Television.


  You have? Me too.


 2) Have you ever told a lie?


   Including, pretending to be asleep and sneaking a torch to read after your mum dad or carer told you to go to sleep, telling your government that you earned little bit less or gave a little more to charity than you actually did on any tax documents you may have filled out or telling the judge that while trucking you didn't stop off at that laybye to suruptitiously kill the hitch hiker that you pickup four miles back.


  Yes, I've lied... if your answer was no, my next question is... Was that one of those little lies again?


  3) Have you ever taken the Lords name in vain?


  Did you ever stub your toe and rather than swear cry out "Jesus Christ!" In the shock and pain of it all? Did you ever say, "Oh for God's sake what the hell are you doing you pathetic little freak?" Or words to that effect? 


  Yup, so did I. I'm not writing this because I feel I have a need to confess. I appologised, and continue to appologise to the Lord for all of these things. I'm writing them down so that you don't get the thought that I'm being Judgemental. 


  4) Have you ever looked at a member of the opposite sex (or same sex if you are a total washout) with lust  in you heart? 


  Basicly and in no uncertain terms did you see someone and think Phwoar that's what my genitals were created for!!!! 


  Jesus said that if we look at a person with lust in our hearts we have committed adultery with them in our minds and that is also a sin. I am so screwed!


 5) Have you ever killed anyone?


  Be careful before you answer this one. Using the same logic that Christ uses in what I just wrote in Q4 to even think I'm gonna kill you in anger at being mistreated, abused or generally pissed about by some undeserving miscreant (undeserving of life that is, due to your high level of self esteem) who shouldn't even be permitted to breath the same air as you without written consent.


  Yes....... Get on with it.


  6) Have you ever watched a TV programme, sports game, or taken part in an activity rather than go to church? 


  Including, sleeping in, playing the computer, having that important phonecall about the new colour of nail varnish your mum want to use to paint her toe nails. Etc et al. 


 Oh for Crying out loud! Yes. 


  7) Have you ever had someone drive past you in a car that you can't afford? Have you seen a billionair yacht and thought, that should be mine. Have you ever heard of a Lottery winner who crapped away their entire winnings on a load of stuff that was a complete waste of time and thought, that should have been mine? Have you ever looked at something owned by another and been jealous?




 8) Did you ever get told what to do by your parents and then decide that they didn't have a clue about your life and that you were going to do it your way anyway? Or just frankly tell them to get out of your life because, as we all know they are complete idiots?


  Aye, I have.


  9) Is there a celebrety or person that you love so much that you would pay anything to go and see them? 


  Actor's, sports stars, musicians, teacher's? 




  10) have you ever worked a 7 day week?


  Including doing homework.


  Yes. What's your point?


  You have boken every single one of the 10 basic commandments handed to Moses on Mount Sinai. Is your mother still proud of you?


  The Lord gave us 10 basics steps to leading a decent human life. Jesus managed to make this even simpler for us by cutting it down to just 2. I bet, like me, you can't claim to have kept both of these either.


  Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love others as you love yourself. If you are anything like me you sometimes struggle to even love yourself let alone anyone else and when was the last time you played your computer game and gave thanks to the Father for the providence of electricity? When was the last time you put down the controls to your computer game and went outside to Glorify the Lord? 


  All of us are complete freaks. And we are made freakish by sin. There has been, since the fall, only one human being who is not a freak according to the Father. There has only ever been one man who lived a spirit filled life without falling into temptation and sin. Adam stood by and allowed his wife Eve to take the fruit (not apple) and eat it. Adam sinned by saying nothing as he was stood right next to her. Eve sinned by taking that first bite. Jesus was tempted beyond all reckoning and never fell into the pit of temptation. And just in case you are wondering if he ever became proud in his accomplishments he washed the feet of a man who a few hours later sold him to death upon the cross after being brutalised by the Romans for just 30 peices of silver and he knew he was going to do it.


   Jesus, is the only righteous human being ever to walk the Earth. You might say, ah, but he was God so it doesn't count. However Jesus never cheated. He never set asside his humanity in order to enjoy his divinity. He suffered as we did and could even be suprised. Whe the Roman centurian said to Jesus "Lord, I am not worth to recieve you, only say the word and my servant shall be healed." Jesus was shocked at the strength of this mans faith. When Lazarous died and was buried and he finally got to Mary and Martha's house he wept in grief with them. He walked everywhere. Now I don't know if you are like me but there are times when it's raining or its cold or I'm just being plain bone idle that I would much rather fly. Jesus chose to feel, experience and endure along with all men and was blameless in the sight of the Lord.


  Great so how does that effect me?


  Jesus is the Lamb of the world. He was presented as a living sacrifice without blemish to die for the sins of all people. I think if you go back to the ten commandments you can see how blemished we truly are. And you might come out with the same old chest nut of, "Well I'm a good person and that's what really counts." I ask, "Are you really?" Take another look at the answers you gave to the questions. By your own admission you are a Blaspheming, Lying, steeling, cheeting, murdering adulterer who is only after what they can get out of the world and really (though you may care about other people) really doesn't give a crap about anyone but themselves.


  Imagine if you killed fifty children raped fifty women and stabbed fifty men. Then to top all off you finally got arrested for Jay walking. When this finally got to court could you turn around to the Judge and say, "But I'm really a good person." Now lets imagine if the judge said, "Ok, I accept your arguement and I set you free." Do you think he'd have a job the next day? 


  God is a God of Justice, not just of love. How much more just (as god of Justice) do you think he has to be? We are such a freaky jacked up society that we can break every single one of the 10 Commandments and still believe that we are pure and good people.


  The fact is that sin abounds and nobody notices or cares anymore. We all join the baying for blood that comes when there is a terrible injustice but have we ever stopped and considered our own blunders. Jesus died so that his blood might clean you of your sin and he can present us to the father without blemish. He is stood there knocking at the door to your heart. All you need to do is invite him in. Pray to him for forgiveness, trust in him and start reading your Bible. 




  I love you. I know that I've written these blog pages in a voice that sounds like I'm some kind of an arrogant jerk who's sarcasm and synicism are only matched by his prickish attitude. I write like this to get your attention. I love you. I want you to be with me in Heaven after you die. I want to see you at the great big meal where in heaven we drink only the finest wine and eat only the choicest meat. I want you to enjoy your eternal life with me. Because if the Judge finds you guilty and sentences you to Hell, you cannot enjoy such things.


  Hell is perfect punishment in the same way that Heaven is perfect reward. I'll blog on Hell another time.


  Please take this seriously because forever is a long time and if you choose not to believe in Hell that delusion will only last for so long. Because you soon will do. This life is very short and our eternity so long.


  Be blessed. 


  T x